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This is a dance form of the East Indian state Orissa,

and it begins with the offering dance of the shrine maiden (mahari) who serves to God.


The dance is also known as 『 A Sculpture that moves 』fusing the straight line

of the male and curved line grace and elegance of the female.


The special feature of this dance is that the music and movement unfolds like a spiral.



Odissi on Stage





The dance performance starts with a devotional offering of flowers, representing a prayer to Mother Earth.



The dancer then performs a dance wherein Lord Ganesha ( A Hindu God who is Half human half Elephant ) is invoked to remove obstacles from the dancer’s path.


Manikya Veena

This dance is a devotional offering to the beautiful goddess Devi playing the stringed instrument called the Veena.(Also said to be the prototype of the Biwa.)


Kirwani Pallavi

The tradition of playing melodies (Raga) based on the time of the day exists in India.

Kirwani is a melody of the night.

Originally pallavi represents the creeper ( Vine ) plant.

A unique feature of Odissi, the melody blossoms, depicting a Helix.

A PURE DANCE form without any story, It compares with ‘Abinaya’ that has a story.


The beauty of a mature woman is personified in this sorrowful song.




 The last part of the performance. Liberation of the Soul.

This dance represents a spiritual culmination for the dancer who soars into the realm of pure aesthetic delight.









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