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“Bringing down the Light of Heavens to the Earth, I remain a sacred maiden who cleanses the earth by dancing as the beautiful flower of love.”

Darkness is my starting point in this life. Transformation from that darkness is my role for this world.

Until now, due to the terrible darkness that engulfed me, I was left with no choice but to only think about myself.

☆Take the central axis.
☆Acquire the balance of man and women.

The above two points can be achieved internally and externally.
Internally - Through the method of meditation. Externally - By the expression of Indian Classical Dance "Odissi"

1. Meditation
Cleansing of suppressed emotions and rubbish that accumulate everyday.
Liberate yourself through movements, laughter and dance, leading to calmness in relaxation.

2. Indian classical dance [Odissi]
It is said that the Temple dance of the shrine maiden in Hinduism is the model of dancing.
Play with God - Frolic

In addition,
there are also Songs, Pictures and
Body work via meditation.

Through the above, we would like to keep achieving the role of the shrine maiden of Hananomiya in the world. ♪

Now moving towards a new world!

Yumiko Hananomiya



Yumiko Hananomiya
















Through the search of Dance

I met Meditation


Meditation is the way to contact myself

and through meditation a door has opened to light

and other ways of creation have started,

Painting, Singing...

so the life is go on and on...


Expanding the beauty of our godliness, our unique flower...



Born in Osaka, Japan

 5 - 18y

Classic Ballet at Okamoto Ballet School, Osaka


Hiroshima University BA liberal arts


NGO Unicef Kansai Citizen Group


Travelling to search ¨my own dance¨

from China and Pakistan to India


Yoga at Kaivalayadhama in Lonavala, India

 1990 - 1992

Odissi at Nrityagram in Bangalore, India

From Late Sri Protima Gauri and Late Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra


Meditation has come to my life

 1993 - 1998

Meditation and Bodywork Training in Osho Cummune International, India

 1998 - 2003

Living in Switerland


Painting Exibitions in Eglisau and Bulach/ZH


Back to Japan


Performances (Odissi and Creative Devotional Dance)
  Myoren Temple, Kyoto
  Himuro Shrine, Nara
  Aratate Shrine, Miyazaki Takachiho
  Yamamoto Noh Theatre, Osaka
  Soko Temple, San Francisco USA
  Odissi Inernational 2010, Bhubaneshwar, Orissi India
  India Mela 2010, 2011, Kobe


Workshops and Classes of Dance and Meditation


Address:      1-1-48 Kitabatake Abeno-ku Osaka-city

            Osaka Prefecture PIN: 〒545-0035, Japan


Updated 2012/09/30